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11510 College View Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20902

11510 College View Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902

Diamond Green Apartments

Project Details

10th and Diamond Sts, Philadelphia, PA
Project Number:
Award Amount:
Period of Performance:
Start: September, 2011
End: February, 2012
Awarding Organization:
Mosaic Development Partners / Orens Brothers Real Estate Inc.
Point of Contact:
Leslie Smallwood, Mosaic Development Partners

Original contract was to rough-grade the site to the proposed elevations to drive 97 wood piles. Excavate for and install concrete footers, foundations and slabs. Install sanitary sewer, storm sewer, domestic water, city sidewalks and curbs. However the pre-construction procedures missed a pre-existing factory that was demolished and covered up. Therefore, in addition to our original scope, we devised and executed a plan to remove the buried building debris, excavate to virgin soil (and remove debris) in proposed pile locations. Then screen excavated material to use as controlled backfill in pile locations, prior to executing our original scope.

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