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11510 College View Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902

P110 Replace Condemned Coatings Lab

Project Details

Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division, Bethesda, MD
Project Number:
Award Amount:
Period of Performance:
Start: August, 2012
End: May, 2014
Awarding Organization:
Department of Defense (DOD)
Point of Contact:
Dave Heller (301) 227-1133

Bracks Construction has led the Conceptual Design team along with his NAVFAC counterparts… he continued after the award as the lead Project Manager along with the NAVFAC Construction Manager (Jose Morales) to assist the Design Build Contractor to execute the construction phase. The proposed project was to construct a 6,000 SF pre-engineering structure to replace Building 125, an abandoned Quonset hut. It was constructed in an area occupied by several other Quonset hut type structures and another pre-engineered building (Building 129) had been recently completed. P-110 (B125) is a one-story facility with an overhead door, passage door and two secure windows. It is clad in an off-white metal panel and blue accent on the canopies covering doors. One wall, the south wall, was covered with a solar wall (labeled “Trombe wall”). This is a solar air heating system composed of a sandwich of a perforated exterior skin which allows air to pass through it, an air space and an interior metal panel. Air is heated, rises, and is captured to preheat incoming air in the cold months. The heated air is vented during the summer months keeping the south wall cool. The solar wall is attached to the exterior wall. The total dimensions of the proposed building are approximately 80 feet in length by 75 feet in width that will house an interior crane. Site features provided for the project included a site access road, site and building lighting, and ADA compliant pedestrian sidewalks. Two new parking spaces were constructed to provide ADA accessible parking near the new building. This project was awarded as a design build.

New Coatings Lab

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