Bracks Construction’s Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program ensures that the company complies with all laws, both foreign and domestic. This includes implementing a well-balanced program across its business functions in order to minimize risks associated with unethical practices or financial fraud within any one area before they become crisis situations affecting other areas more broadly throughout their organization. To ensure compliance, we continuously improve our ethics through monitoring evolving risks while benchmarking best practices.

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Bracks Construction holds itself to high standards of ethics that goes beyond compliance with the law. Bracks’ enforces its staff’s honest and ethical practices. Bracks Construction has developed policies designed to ensure its employees have the tools and knowledge to adhere to these standards.


Bracks Construction is committed to operating with integrity, and as a government contractor we are required to have strong internal controls. As such our company takes these duties very seriously- it’s in everyone’s best interest for us not only to operate ethically but also maintain client relationships by adhering strictly to all standards of conduct set forth within all contracts.

Bracks Construction employees must be familiar with all contract terms and requirements, and they should follow those without exception. Employees are encouraged to ask their superior for guidance in any situation that is not understood by them or if there are questions about how Brack’s legal obligations will apply to a particular circumstance.

If you have any further inquiries regarding this matter please do not hesitate contact Ray Alexander of our company at

Bracks Construction provides accurate, current, and complete disclosure of all related financial activities. Our company maintains accounts and records and provides financial reports to government officials that meet the reporting requirements of Brack’s Construction contracts and applicable laws.


Bracks Construction expects its subcontractors and third parties to operate with the highest ethical standards and respect for all laws, rules and regulations that govern our business and the business we conduct on behalf of Bracks Construction. Bracks Construction shares its Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program policies and training presentation with its subcontractors and reasonably expects their compliance, commitment and support in fulfilling all of our ethical values at Bracks Construction.


Bracks Construction is committed to being a responsible business, and providing its employees with the tools they need for ethical decision making. Our company’s standards of conduct include abiding by all laws and creating policies that safeguard all parties prior to and after an event has occurred so it can best ensure appropriate actions have been taken.


Bracks Construction expects employees and business partners to report known or suspected misconduct involving Bracks Construction, even if they are in no way involved with the misconduct itself. The company can only do something about misconduct if it knows about it. Concerns can be emailed to