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11510 College View Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20902

11510 College View Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902

Building 15 Roof Replacement

Project Details

Carderock, MD
Project Number:
Award Amount:
Period of Performance:
Start: August, 2011
End: November, 2011
Awarding Organization:
Department of Defense (DOD)
Point of Contact:
Greg Williams (240) 454-1389

Bracks Construction was hired as the Project Manager that prepared all pre-contract award documentation, as well as, overseeing the execution.

This project included the removal of over 30,000 square feet of existing roofing, repair any damaged decking, install new capping and replace with TPO Roof system, and the replacement of all roof downspouts. Contractor was required to flood test all sections for 24 hours prior to moving to the next section.

B15 Roof-hq